How To Find Your Ideal Customer or Grow Your Team By Niching Down

Apr 27, 2021


As an Entrepreneur you work really hard sharing your message or service and how it can help others, but you’re finding it really hard to attract customers.  If you’re in network marketing, you are having a hard time finding your future teammates and wondering what you may be doing wrong.  Let’s talk about niching down! 

I know that in your mind you want to help everyone.  You believe that what you offer can help anyone and you don’t want to exclude anyone, but is that really helping or hurting your business?  Niching down can be the solution to growing your team, growing your sales and growing your business, so let’s talk about the thought process behind this and how to niche down and find the right people who need what you offer in episode 70 of Fearless and Unleashed Podcast.

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