How can I build my home business if Iā€™m afraid? Tips to overcome 2 fears that are holding you back.

Feb 27, 2021

As a business owner I know that there are times you'll have fear when starting your business or trying to grow your home business.  It is something that many go through so you're not alone. 

Are you setting goals and struggling with going after them because you’re afraid?  In episode 52 of Fearless and Unleashed Podcast (iTunes users click here to listen) I am talking to you about 2 very common fears that hold a lot of women back when they’re trying to build their business.  It's important we address these fears and learn how to move past them so that you can see your business start moving forward, but most importantly so that you can feel like a brand new woman who keeps her commitments and knows how to go after the goals that she sets to change her life.  

I hope you enjoy it and learn how to crush these fears.  Remember to subscribe so that you never miss an episode and as always if you need a mentor to help you along the way, send me an email and let’s work together on getting you on the path to reaching your goals. 

I’m here for you!




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