Are You Having an Identity Crisis and How Do You Get Through It?

Oct 17, 2022

In episode 224 of Fearless and Unleashed Podcast we are talking about the possibility that you may be having an identity crisis and if so, why is this happening and how do you get through it? A lot of women lately can agree that things feel different.

If you’re feeling like your focus has changed, you’re questioning everything, wondering what your purpose is, not finding joy in things you’ve always found joy in or you’re going down a path to reach your goals, but it feels really hard. You’ve noticed that the path you’re on feels uncomfortable and you have a constant tug in your heart and gut to go in a different direction.

How do you listen to that feeling and know that’s the right path for you? We are going over all of this and what it can mean so grab your coffee and let’s chat friends.

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