Ready to Turn Your Passion Into Your Own Coaching Business?


You are ready to take your life experience and turn it into a Coaching Business that allows you to help others overcome the same challenges you overcame, but you don't know where to start.

In this 8 week Coach Workshop you and Jeannet will work together at taking your expertise and turning it into a successful online Coaching Business.

You'll go from overwhelmed and unsure to strategically creating your Coaching Program and launching your business. At the end of the 8 weeks you'll be ready to take on new clients and start having an impact on others while creating streams of income from the comfort of your home.




Business  Workshop 


Disconnect from limiting beliefs, comparison, and information overload and focus on the basics of building a strong foundation for your online business.

You will learn:

  • To set the vision for your life & business and build a system and routine to support you 
  • Get clarity in your expertise & your niche so you know who you serve and what you do.
  • You'll build your coaching program & offers.
  • Create a marketing plan & brand for your business.
  • How to plan & launch your business.

You'll also learn what "NOT" to do so you don't spend your time on unnecessary task that never grow your business. Plus so much more! 

Module 1

Set the vision for your life & business and create routines & a schedule to get started right. 

Module 2

Find clarity in your expertise & niche. Work on your messaging and start creating your Coaching Program.

Module 3

Create the Marketing & Branding that represents you & your business so you attract your ideal clients.

Module 4

Create a launch plan and let the fun begin by launching your Coaching Program and get your first clients.

Why Personalized



I know you're capable of anything you set your mind to, but when you have one on one support from Jeannet, you are putting 8+ years of Coaching experience behind your business.

Why spend hours being confused with no direction, working on task that will not help your ideal client or make you money?

Together, we will build a solid foundation to launch and grow your business while creating balance and a schedule that fits your lifestyle.

We are not here to hustle ourselves to burnout. We are here to build successful businesses that give you the ability to have an impact while being present in your life. 

I can’t wait to connect and help you grow!

I'm Jeannet

I am Mom, Wife, Friend, Coach, Entrepreneur, and Podcaster, but really I'm a woman just like you that one day decided she wanted more out of life, so I started working on myself, launched my Coaching Business and went after my goals before feeling ready or qualified and it changed my life.

My family and I picked up and moved from California to Maui and never looked back. I've been enjoying island life ever since.

I've been a Mindset, Wellness and Business Coach for over 8 Years. I love helping you make your dreams a reality, build successful online coaching businesses, and feel your best, so you can live your best life too.

Is This Workshop

Right For You?


Have you ever felt extremely inspired to start your business? You have all the ideas, you're really excited, you know deep in your gut that you are meant for more, meant to have an impact and be your own boss.

Then when you sit down to actually work on that business, you feel STUCK! You have no idea what you're doing, you start doubting yourself, you question if you're "qualified" to do this and eventually you close the laptop and give up before you even got started.

I understand how you feel, because we all feel that way when we're trying to do something new without guidance & support. 

You are not alone friend and this workshop is here to help you tune out the noise, get out of your own way and teach you everything you need to know to create and launch your Coaching Business with support from Jeannet every step of the way.

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Is Now The Best Time To Start? 


I know that starting is the hardest step to take and you may find a million reasons why you should start later, when the timing is better, but I must ask you this...

How long have you been telling yourself that now is just not the right time? That you should start after (insert reason/excuse here).

You know best, but in my experience life is ALWAYS busy and it NEVER slows down. Waiting for the "perfect time" to start working towards the future that you want is just delaying how soon you can make that future your reality.

There is no "perfect time" because the time is now and if you take a moment to think and really feel what's in your heart, you know the answer, but fear is what's keeping you from taking action. 

I'm here to help you break down the wall of fear and take this leap, so believe in yourself. 

I'll see you in the workshop! 😉